So what happens when our friends and family don't support our careers and dreams? Like being a full time illustrator? or writer? or magician? And what happens when you suddenly become your own worst enemy? I don't have all the answers, but I hope this video helps you!

~ Entonces qué pasa cuando nuestros amigos y familia no apoyan nuestras carreras y sueños? Como ser un ilustrador a tiempo completo? o un escritor? o un mago? Y qué pasa cuando de pronto nos convertimos en nuestro peor enemigo? No tengo todas las respuestas, pero espero que este video les ayude!


  1. Hi Fran, do you have an email address?
    I couldn‘t find on your page =(

  2. Anonymous5/28/2016

    Gracias por compartir estos vídeos y por compartir tus experiencias con nosotros. Me han servido de reflexión, inspiración, motivación y ayuda para encontrarme a mí misma y darme el empujón que necesitaba para seguir a mi corazón en el camino de la ilustración y dejar atrás tantos miedos e inseguridades que siento a nivel profesional. Aún me falta mucho camino por recorrer pero gracias a que me topé con tus vídeos, la ilustración ya no es una meta inalcanzable en mi mente.
    Sigue siendo como eres, sigue ilustrando e inspirando a más personas.
    De nuevo, Gracias.

  3. I am dealing with a lot of self-doubt at the moment, so thank you for posting this video - perfect timing! It's great to hear that my favourite illustrators can be insecure about their work even when it is as beautiful as yours. I'll be sure to check out the pod-cast you talked about too because it sounds really great. Thanks again!

  4. You're one of my favorite artists ever. I admire this video because I also experience insecurity when it comes to my art from time to time and this made me feel better.


  5. Oh my, so glad to hear that you also doubt yourself. I graduated from uni in 2010, and still find it hard to believe I am good at being an illustrator! So silly. All my clients have been satisfied but somehow I still find some way of thinking that I tricked them to think I am any good. :) Nice video!