FAQ (english)


Where do you live?
Hastings, United Kingdom

How tall are you?
1.75 cm (yes, I'm super tall)


Where and what did you study?
I studied a BA in Graphic Design at the Diego Portales University (Santiago, Chile).

At what age did you start illustrating? Have you always been good at it?
I started drawing when I was very little chubby girl. Back then, my main reference (and hero) was Sailor Moon. I became very good at drawing anime, but it was not until the third year of college that I decided to find my own illustration style and develop an identity. Here's a video explaining the whole process.

How did you learn to illustrate? Did you take any workshops?
I’m a self-taught illustrator, so if I could do it, everyone can! :D I don’t think you need to study ilustration per se, but if you really want to learn the process in depth, I there are several workshops and courses you can take. Just search on the interwebz and find the one that suits you!

What tablet do you use?
For 4 years I worked with the Wacom Bamboo. After that, I bought a used Wacom Cintiq 12.

What materials do you use? What are your favourite pencils?
When I'm working for agencies or doing commissions, I usually work with Photoshop. On my spare time, I like to paint with watercolors, ink and copic markers. Here is a video where I talk about my traditional materials and here is another one where I talk about my digital materials. Oh! And here I talk about my favorite pencils.

Where I can see more of your work?
Some projects and commissions I've done for clients are on my portfolio, but you can also check out my sketches and personal projects on my Instagram... if you want to.

How much should I charge for an illustration, art or project?
Oh my nerds, I have never felt comfortable talking about this. And it's not because it is a taboo subject or anything, it's just something that depends on too many factors: how much time will you invest on the project? how much experience do you have? how big is the illustration? how detailed does the illustration needs to be? when is the deadline? how much money do you need right now? is it a person or a company? So, in short, there are too many variables to consider. While I know how much I should charge, I can’t give an advise to someone else, because... it depends! I’m sorry :(

Would you please do a free illustration for my girlfriend? She’s your #1 fan!
No, I'm sorry! I don’t work for free. To illustrate something takes time, dedication and love. I charge because it’s my profession and with that money I pay my bills, rent and my cat’s food.


Where and how can I buy your products? 
You can order all my products through my Etsy shop.

Do you ship worldwide?

I’ve ordered something and it hasn’t arrived yet! What can I do?
Do not worry, some orders take time to arrive. The German post office makes sure that your package will be in your country on an average of 8 working days (depending on how far away from Germany you live), but it's usually the custom service from your country the one who takes quite some time on processing the package and send it to your address. This depends on post policies from each country. Unfortunately, I have no control over the postal system of your country, I can only make sure your package was sent safe. My advice? Be patient. Drink a cup of tea and relax. If you still want to know where's your beloved loot, call to your customs office and ask them if they have something there under your name. I'm pretty sure they do.


What camera do you use to record your videos?
I use Canon EOS M camera with a 22 mm lens.

What program do you use to edit your videos?
Adobe Premiere... and Ed always helps me with the colors and the final details.


Fran: I want to go to Germany to study/live. Can you help me? How can I do it? Which universities/workshops do you recommend?
1. Have a plan A, B, C and D. Germans (masters of making plans and are being punctual) don't like people who come there without a plan, or people wanting to live here and not having an actual clue of what they’re going to do.
2. Come with a good level of German, at least B2. Even though in Berlin almost everybody speaks English, all the important paperwork (health insurance, immigration, working documents, residence certificate) are in German. ALL OF IT. ALWAYS.
3. Save money before you come here. The more, the better.
4. If you need to find place, apartment or studio, you can check out flats on WGgesucht or similar sites, so you can have a better idea of how much does the rent costs in here.

About Universities in Berlin I have zero information. Since I didn’t come here to study, I know nothing about what college is good or not, or what illustration workshop is the best. Sorry. :(

About German lessons, the cheapest is the VHS (Volkshochschule).

If you’re here for holidays or vacations (welcome!) and you need good places for visiting, please check out Sandra Juto’s guide to Berlin.

If you want to visit art supply stores (I love you), PLEASE go to Boesner (Prenzlauer Berg), Zeichen Center or Modulor.


Hey Fran, I want to live/study in London, do you know how can I do that?

I JUST wrote a super complete blog post about it!

My lovely nerds: If you have any further questions or you need to know something about a specific subject, I also solve doubts about illustration on my youtube channel


  1. Hi Fran! I am wondering if you make your prints at home and (if you do) what printer & paper do you use for prints. I am an illustrator wanted to sell on etsy as well and don't know where to begin with prints at home. You and the cats are awesome btw <3 -Jennifer

  2. Hi Fran! I am wondering if you make your prints at home and (if you do) what printer & paper do you use for prints. I am an illustrator wanted to sell on etsy as well and don't know where to begin with prints at home. You and the cats are awesome btw <3 -Jennifer

  3. Anonymous8/15/2016

    Hey Fran, I was wondering what font you use in your YouTube videos?

    1. Anonymous2/18/2017

      Oh my gosh, I have been trying to find an answer for this too, stranger.

    2. It's her own hand writing. :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE your work. Your videos are so inspiring to me! <3 <3 <3

  5. Hola Fran!
    Te escribo desde Argentina y hace una semana di con tus videos en youtube. Estaba buscando consejos para ser ilustrador y me ayudaste un montón. Tengo algunas dudas que, por tu experiencia en este mundo, seguramente podrás aclararme :)
    Una de ellas es ¿por qué decidiste mudarte al extranjero?¿cómo diste ese paso?
    La verdad que es algo que me pregunté desde que vi tu video sobre cómo empezar a ser ilustrador porque estoy en ese camino y una de las cosas que espero hacer es irme al extranjero para perfeccionarme. No sé mucho inglés, pero en este tiempo voy a aprender más. Ya sabés, a ser proactivo.
    Ojalá leas este mensaje. Saludos y felicidades por lo que hacés!

  6. Hi,

    can you please tell me what font style your using , I'm trying to learn lettering .

    thank you frand , love you and your videos :)

  7. Hello !
    I was just wondering if you could provide a link to where you got your Modulor sketchbooks from? I've been searching for them everywhere because they are so lovely.
    Thank you!

  8. Hi Fran! I hope you will get this message! :)

    My name is Simona and I'm an illustrator (student at the moment) as well, I really like your youtube channel and find your videos really beneficial and helpful for starting illustrators like me. I was hoping that you maybe would know or could help me with one question. I was wondering if you know how it works for freelancers that live in one country and freelance or have a contract with company/studio etc in another country? I would appreciate if you could help and thank you so much in advance! Keep the good work going! :) Looking forward to your next videos and illustrations, all the best!

    x Thanks Simona


  9. Hi Fran,
    Am a huge fan of your work and style but have two questions.
    1. Just as everyone of us has a unique handwriting, artist too have a signature way of drawing and so do you. How does one come up with such a style. None of my sketches look like they belong to the same artist
    2. What printer would you recommend for a beginner opening her first ETSY shop?

    Thank you so much
    And omg you are so pretty and cool I love unwinding from the day while watching your videos. I sometimes stock them up for "bad" times when I need to relax so that your style and voice and musings can calm me down. Lol.
    Pls never stop :)