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Jessica Hische IS A GENIUS, please read her article Inspiration vs Imitation
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Learn more about Shop Art Theft movement against ZARA (and don't shop there)
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Can I Sell Fan Art?

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Ira shared this awesome quote
Almost all the comments are recommending me to read Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon
And also to watch this film called Everything is a Remix

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Jessica Hische es una GENIO, por favor lean su artículo Inspiración vs Imitación
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Aquí hay más sobre el movimiento contra ZARA, Shop Art Theft
Y el caso de Sam Larson contra Forever21
Puedo vender FanArt?

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Ira compartió esta cita increíble
Casi todos los comentarios me recomiendan leer Steal Like an Artist, por Austin Kleon
Y que también vea esta película, Everything is a Remix


  1. I really loved watching this and hearing your thoughts on imitation. I used to draw after being inspired by some artists on DeviantArt. It's important for growth, to practice like that. And it is definitely not okay, and completely different when a company copies art and profits massively off of it. xo

  2. Roba como un artista es un libro super esclarecedor, a mi me encantó y lo uso para hacer clases.

    Me encanto tu video y tu trabajo <3

    Un gran abrazo desde Chile!

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  4. I honestly can't believe what Zara did back then... And to think there's so many companies doing the exact same thing!! I wouldn't know what to do if a company that big stole my design... I loved the video, as always. Your voice is really soothing, somehow? :)

  5. Hi Fran, I found your blog recently and first I Love it! yay!
    I was an Art teacher for years and I used to get students to 'copy' great artists work and artists they like BUT always stressing that it was to learn technique, style, method etc. and to improve. Then once they felt ready they needed to create a work of their own incorporating what they learnt from other artists, from the class and from each other.
    I also stressed that at no point when copying can they say it's theirs, we used to say, I made this in the 'style of...' otherwise it would be marked as plagiarism. It was very important to me that they understood that they couldn't pass off a copy as their own. But that to learn and explain where it was from, was ok, but also couldn't be used as 'final' work, it should just stay as process.

    So glad you posted this! :)

  6. Hey Fran! Thank you for talking about this topic! Your insight on copycat work has reminded me to be more forgiving and open minded when I see others copying.

    You always seem to be optimistic and calm, even when talking about such a touchy subject. I really appreciate it! :) <3

  7. Qué bueno que también incluiste algo sobre el Fanart. Yo la verdad adoro eso, pero a veces me sentía avergonzada de ello. Luego de haber visto un video de Will Terry abrí los ojos y entendí todo! Hay sus bajas y altas, reglas de oro y toda la cosa. Vale la pena verlo, aquí se los comparto:

  8. Hola Fran!

    Quería pedirte tu mail para invitarte a algo que estamos armando con chicks on comics (un colectivo internacional de chicas historietistas) pero no puedo encontrar manera de contactarte mas que esta.
    Si podes por favor mandame un mail a solina.otero@gmai.com.

    Mil gracias!

  9. This was such an interesting video to watch, thank you. Did you ever find an English publisher for your book? Hope you are enjoying your staycation!

  10. Hi Fran, I just read this article about how fan made comics based on copyrighted characters are handled in Japan and thought you might be interested. It's such a huge topic with so many sides, I quite like some of the ways Japan seem to see it though. (There's a little bit in there about Clamp too)