April was such a lovely month, here are all the things that made me happy
1. Jane The Virgin, I had zero expectations with this series and it hocked me completely. I hope Netflix realises the second season soon!
2. My trip with Amsterdam with Ed, can wait to show you nerds my travel journal. I'll let you know as soon as I get it done :)
3. uniPosca marker in Light Pink, my kind of pink
4. Speedy Quick Dry nail polishes by BarryM (cruelty free!). My two favourite shades so far are Personal Best in 547 and 546 Winning Streak
5. Sweet and juicy tangerines
6. My good friend Anke and I had lunch a couple of weeks ago and we try the delicious Coconut BLT at Farm Girl. I'm still thinking about it.
7. I don't know why but I've been eating spinach like crazy, especially the ones you find at supermarkets washed and "ready to eat". I add them on almost all my meals with hummus, yum!
8. This month I started using an electric tooth brush for the first time and I love it! I bought the cheapest one on Superdrug and it's amazing. Now Ed's addicted to it too, muahahaha!

That's it guys! My list is very simple but I love sharing the things that made me happy with you guys. Please please let me know if you enjoyed something and you want to share it with me! Any series or movies you want to recommend? Ed and I are about to finish the last season of The Walking Dead and after that we have no ideas!

Have a nice weekeeeend! Lots of coffee and cookies from sunny gorgeous London

~ Abril fue un mes tan bonito, aquí una pequeña lista de todas las cosas que me hicieron feliz

1. Jane The Virgin, tenía cero expectativas con esta serie y me enganchó por completo. Espero que Netflix lance la segunda temporada pronto!
2. Mi viaje a Amsterdam con Ed, no puedo esperar para mostrarles mi diario de viaje, nerds. A penas esté listo les haré saber :)
3. Marcador uniPosca en Rosa claro, mi tipo de rosado
4. Esmalte de uñas BarryM Speedy Quick Dry (libre de crueldad!). Mis dos tonos favoritos son Personal Best 547 y 546 Winning Streak.
5. Mandarinas jugosas y dulces
6. Mi buena amiga Anke y yo fuimos a Farm Girl hace un par de semanas y probamos el sandwich Coconut BLT. Aun estoy pensando en él.
7. No sé por qué pero he estado comiendo espinaca como loca, especialmente esa que viene lavada y "lista para comer" en los supermercados. La como en todos mis platos con hummus, NOM!
8. Este mes empecé a usar un cepillo de dientes eléctrico y lo amo! Compré el más barato en Superdrug y es increíble. Ahora Ed también está adicto, muajajaja!

Espero es todo nerds! Mi lista es mega simple pero me encanta compartir con ustedes las cosas que me hicieron felices. Por favor por favor díganme qué cosas los hicieron feliz en Abril! Alguna serie o película que me quieran recomendar? Ed y yo estamos a punto de terminar la última temporada de The Walking Dead y después de eso no tenemos más ideas!

Que tengan un hermoso fin de semanaaaa! Mucho café y galletitas desde un Londres hermoso y soleado


  1. frann, yo preparaba juguito de espinaca en esas saca jugo, y queda increíble!
    estoy a la espera de tu vídeo!


  2. Man I SO feel you on the spinach front, I put it in and everything I eat right now as well. The only thing I'm not having with spinach is currently cereal and chocolate. But just you wait ...

    Did you also film videos in Amsterdam?? Apart from the shoot film one that Ed did :)

  3. Ceci Ortiz5/06/2016

    Hola Fran! Me encanta tu blog y tus videos! Los encuentro maravillosos! . Yo también veo the walking dead y quede con un vacío monumental cuando termino la ultima temporada, hasta que encontre "call the midwife" que es una serie de enfermeras ambientada en los años 50, es muy buena ;) ojala te guste.


  4. I so wanna start watching jane the virgin now!! I watched one episode, and it was not bad, but had school work to do, and stopped. Now that its holidays, time for me to get back to it! :)

    xx, Carina

  5. Anonymous5/09/2016

    Yay ! Love your posts ! If you have not yet, I really, but like REALLY, recommend Black Mirror. It's a small serie, but the episodes are a bit longer than usual and it's creative stories that criticises society very smartly. Would love to know what you guys think about it. Hope you're having a lovely day !

    Love from France :)

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  7. Había leído sobre Jane pero no sé no me tincaba mucho, pero en vista de que a mucha gente (incluyendote) ha dado buenos comentarios de la serie creo que debo verla xD
    Por mi parte te recomiendo Mr.Robot que es buenisima tiene que ver el mundo del internecs y sobre la revolución en contra de las grandes corporaciones, el primer capítulo te deja pal hoyo e inmediatamente buscando el segundo XD Igual es densa así que si buscas algo más ligero, yo estoy enviciada con Bob's Burgers , es demasiado chistosa, trata sobre una hamburguesería y desde el primer capítulo golpea justo la doble moral de la gente (yo no soy vegan así que me golpeó xD) ojalá le eches un vistaso, yo en lo personal amo a Louise es tan pequeña y malvada <3
    Saludos Fran <3 Y viva la Espinaca *¬*

  8. Anonymous5/11/2016

    Hi Fran! <3
    About your point no. 7 it is said that when your body has a lack of something, like vitamin C for example, it will ask you for that fruit or vegetable, as oranges, guavas... Maybe your body needs some iron, vitamin A or another nutrient which spinach has...

    Furthermore, I only have one recommendation and is Arrested Development. If you have not seen it yet, you will love its humour. I am starting to watch it and it has caught my eye; its jokes are a little silly but witty. This comedy is so different in contrast with the other ones that we now what's going to happen in the end. So that's why I think you and Ed should give it a chance. :)

    Regards from Mexico
    Aleja Santoy

  9. Prison Break arrancó bien, después se puso flojita y ahora está que explota. Mirate unos capítulos y contame!

  10. Have you already seen "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"? I love it, even if I think the first season is so much better than the second one.

  11. Hi Fran!!! I am in love with your art and your youtube channel! Amazing!!! Thank you so much! It is so relaxing and inspiring to watch your work! After read this post I started to watch Jane the virgin...about a new serie to watch...Have you watched The Musketeers? I really loved!! Maybe you will like it too!!!

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