I don't know why, but the past couple of weeks a lot of people have seemed really curious about how to start as an illustrator. And I'm here to help! Here's a "quick" video (believe me, I could have talk about this for hours) about my experience and some (hopefully) useful tips!

Some links:

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Freelance hourly calculator
Watch Holly's video too!

~ No sé por qué, pero las últimas semanas mucha gente se ha visto interesada en saber cómo empezar en el terreno de la ilustración. Y estoy aquí para ayudar! Aquí hay un "rápido" video (créanme, pude haber hablado de esto por horas) acerca de mi experiencia y algunos (ojalá) útiles consejos!

Algunos links:

Debería trabajar gratis?
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Vean también el video de Holly!


  1. Hi Fran, thanks for this video :)
    I am particularly drawn to the build your portfolio bit as I am planning to do exactly that but finding it sooo difficult! It makes sense to focus on personal project to show potential clients, could you please give me some examples of what kind of personal projects would be good for a portfolio? It would be lovely to have a little more details on this point as Sometimes I find myself overthinking and nothing seems good enough. Thanks so much for your help xx

  2. I love how helpful (and entertaining) your videos are. This one is no exception. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

  3. haha me perdi este video :O ! pero muchas gracias por la info, muy util, sobretodo esto de enviar e-mails, enviaba como que muchos cada 5 meses :p.

  4. Hello !

    I've been for some months now checking your blog very regularly, and I've always felt so happy and excited when I discovered a new article/illustration/or video...
    I've never posted a comment (probably I've been too shy for it...)

    But I just wanted to tell you that you give me a lot of energy, and make me wanna hope and try to live as an illustrator. I admire your work a lot, and also the way you talk about things and make everything look so simple and joyful.
    Thank you for sharing that !

    Hope to see more illustrations from you for a long time more :)