After months of reading lots and lots of fairy tales, I've came across patterns or same characters in different stories. Baba Yaga is one of those characters. She is an evil cannibal witch and you can see her in many fairy tales! This story in particular is very similar to The Magic Wild Geese (that I've already illustrated in this challenge) and it's about a girl who must work for Baba Yaga and then (le spoiler) runs away from her. At the end, in every story, everybody always runs away from Baba Yaga.

Today, whilst I was searching for the Baba Yaga tale, I've found three versions of this same story.  Isn't this amazing?

~ Luego de leer incontables cuentos de hadas durante meses, me he topado con muchos patrones y personajes que se repiten en diferentes historias. Baba Yaga es uno de esos personajes. Ella es una bruja perversa y caníbal, que puede encontrarse en muchas historias! Esta historia en particular es muy parecida a el cuento de los gansos mágicos y locos (que ya ilustré en este mismo desafío), y es sobre una chicha que debe trabajar para Baba Yaga y al final (le spoiler) huye de ella. Bueno, en todos los cuentos que aparece Baba Yaga, todos terminan huyendo de ella.

Hoy, mientras buscaba este cuento, me encontré tres versiones de la misma historia. No les parece fascinante? 


  1. Hola Fran. Me recuerda al Viaje de Chihiro. Ahí la bruja se llamaba Yubaba, por cierto.
    Un abrazo y sigue dibujando :)

  2. Anonymous10/16/2015

    I love fairy tales and Baba Yaga is so scary. There's even a Japanese version of her in Japanese folklore... she truly likes travelling as it seems ;)

  3. Baba Yaga is actually in huge amount of Russian folk stories :) I am not even able to recall the first one that I heard about her.
    Hello from Russia :)